General Overview: Places

okapi integrates with Google Places. Each Place in the platform is associated with a specific location on the map. Location information regarding hours of operation, website, and contact information, is displayed in okapi assuming that location has shared those details with Google. 

Places can be viewed in several different locations within the platform. Events (and their child activities) are always associated with a single place. The place details will be displayed on a specific event or activity's overview page. Shown below is how the place information is displayed in an event or activity overview. 


From this image the user can choose to View Place by selecting the push pin icon or receive directions by selecting the compass icon. Users with Field Rep permissions will only be able to access a place by selecting the View Place button through an event or activity.

Creating a Place (Full Users) 

Full Users have the ability to view the Places Tab. To navigate to the Places tab users can choose Places from the menu on the left hand side of the screen under Locations. 


The places tab shows full users all of the places in okapi in a list view. To add a new place Users should select the Add New button at the top right of the tab. They will then be prompted to search for the place. 


The Google integrations allows a user to search for a place by name or address. Locations nearby will show first during a search but specifying a city or inputting a specific address will narrow down the results. 


After a place has been selected from the search results, the details will auto populate and users can add notes to be associated with the place. 


Once the user creates the place they will see that place's overview tab. The place overview tab shows the place's address, location on a map, hours of operation, website, and phone number. 


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