General Overview: Attachments

Attachments Overview

Attachments can be stored in the platform and associated with Events, Activities, and Places. Any user type can create and assign attachments in okapi. Attachments can be used to provide field reps with media and files before and during an event or activity; attachments can also be used for field reps to upload media and files during or after an event or activity. 

 You can navigate to the Attachments Tab by selecting Media or Files from the menu on the left of the screen. 


You can also view attachments by clicking the Media tab within the event, activity, or place they are associated with. 


To view attachments from the events tab users should first select a specific event then navigate to the Media and Files tabs from the event overview tab. 



To view attachments for an activity, select the one you'd like to view. You can navigate to the Media and Files tabs from the activity overview tab. 



To view attachments from the places tab users should select a specific place to view. Any user can navigate to a specific place by selecting the place from event overview or activity overview tabs and selecting View Place. 


The following user types have a Place tab located in the left menu: Event Manager, Program Manager, and Site Administrator. 

These users can select a specific place from the Places list view. 

Note:Field Reps do not have access to this tab and must select a place from an event or activity. 


Once you has navigated to a specific place they can view and create attachments to be associated with this place. 


Uploading Attachments

Attachments can be uploaded from any Media or Files tab. Users can upload media or files to be associated with an event, activity or place by navigating to the Media or Files tab. Users have the ability to drag and drop attachments or choose attachments directly from their computer library by selecting "Click or drag file to upload" or dragging attachments over the inbox icon. 


Media Items

Media items can be expanded, downloaded, and deleted. 



Tags can be added to media items. Before users can add a tag to a piece of media the tag will need to be created in okapi. 

Event Managers, Program Managers, and Site Administrators may create tags. 

Field Reps can  not create tags, they can only add existing tags to media. 

To create a tag users should navigate to the Tags Tab in the main navigation. 


Selecting Add New will prompt users to create a new tag. 


Users can edit, delete and add new tags. To edit or delete tags users should select the pencil or trash can icons to the right of an existing tag. 

Note: Deleting a tag that has been previously applied to media will remove that tag from the okapi database and remove it from all existing media items. This action cannot be undone.


Any media items can be tagged, select the +New Tag button and a pick list of tags will show. Users can select multiple tags. 


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