General Overview: Activities

What is an Activity?

In okapi an Activity is a specific time that your organization plans to activate. Think of events as bucket that holds one or more activities. The activity inherits all of the event details like campaign, program, region, market and place. Activities are assigned to events but they are defined themselves by a date and time. An activity holds one recap and multiple surveys. We understand that some events may take place over multiple days or you may want to have two separate teams working an event; for every activity you add to an event you have the ability to collect one recap.  

Event or Activity?

How to determine if an event or an activity should be created?

An activity has to be assigned to an existing event. Meaning, if there is not an appropriate event already created for a specific occasion that an organization plans to activate at, first a new event needs to be created and then the corresponding activity.

Some examples would be...

Event: Bonaroo

Activities: Bonaroo Day (1), Bonaroo Day (2), Bonaroo Day (3)

Event: Grocery Store Sampling (Whole Foods on 5th Ave.)

Activity: Grocery Store Sampling (1 of 1)

Event: Community 4th of July Festival 

Activities: Morning, Afternoon

Activity Status

An activity's status is an indicator on whether or not the activity has been completed, submitted and approved. An activity will show its status as Draft if its recap has not been submitted and subsequently approved by an Event Manager, Program Manager, or Site Administrator. Once that process is complete, the activity status will show as Approved. The activity status is not determined by date.  


Each activity has a single Recap. A Recap is an internal form completed by an okapi user. This is usually someone who was onsite at the activity. A recap can be filled out by an assigned user or any user who has access to view the activity. 


The consumer survey feature is available within the okapi 360° tier and higher. An unlimited number of consumer Surveys can be associated with an Activity.

Key Takeaways: 

Events are a bucket for activities

As the examples above show, an event can hold one or more activities.

Activities inherit location from events

As mentioned above, events are defined by Campaign, Program, Region, Market and Place. Because activities are assigned to events, activities inherit their location from the event they've been assigned to. Consider an Event as the why and where while an Activity is the what and when. 

Recaps are internal facing and surveys are consumer facing

Recaps are completed by okapi users while surveys are completed by consumers. While an unlimited amount of surveys can be collected per activity, only one recap can be completed per activity.  

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