Activity Workflow

An activity's status is determined by where it falls within the okapi workflow. Activities have three statuses, Draft, Submitted, and Approved.  When an activity is created it is in Draft status. After an activity has been completed a user may elect to Submit for Approval. Any user type may Submit for Approval. Once an activity has been submitted for approval it moves to the Submitted status. Finally a Full User must either Approve or Reject a submitted activity. An Approved activity takes on the Approved status. If a user Rejects an activity it returns to a draft status. 


The image below shows how the status is shown for a Field Rep. 


The image below shows how the status is shown for a Full User (Event Manager, Program Manager, or Site Admin). 


A user with Field Rep permissions is unable to change the status of an activity, only choose Submit for Approval. A Full User has the ability to select Submit for Approval or manually change the status of the activity to either Submitted or Approved. 


Once a Field Rep chooses Submit for Approval the activity status changes to Submitted and the Field Rep user can no longer edit the recap. 


When a Full User views the activity to approve they have the option to manually change the status of the activity, approve the activity, or reject the activity. 



If the Full User determines the activity should be rejected, they will select the Reject button. 


The Full User then has the ability to notify any assigned users of the rejected status and add a personalized message. 


If an activity is rejected, the Field Reps assigned and selected to be notified will receive an email notification to the email address associated with their okapi user account. The activity will move back into a Draft status so the appropriate changes can be made. 


If a Full User determines the activity should be approved, they will select the approve button. 


Once an activity is approved Full Users have the ability to Unapprove. Unapproving an activity sends it back to the submitted status. 


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