General Overview: Events

What is an Event?

Events are specific occasions that an organization plans to attend. An event can be as small as a sampling demonstration at a grocery store or as large as a five day festival. Events are assigned a single Campaign, Program, Region, Market and Place. Events may hold one or more activities. They also inherit their start and end dates from the first and last date assigned to their child activities. 

Event or Activity?

How to determine if an event or an activity should be created?

An activity has to be assigned to an existing event. Meaning, if there is not an appropriate event already created for a specific occasion that an organization plans to activate at, first a new event needs to be created and then the corresponding activity.

Some examples would be...

Event: Bonaroo

Activities: Bonaroo Day (1), Bonaroo Day (2), Bonaroo Day (3)

Event: Grocery Store Sampling (Whole Foods on 5th Ave.)

Activity: Grocery Store Sampling (1 of 1)

Event: Community 4th of July Festival 

Activities: Morning, Afternoon

Event Status

An event's status is an indicator on whether or not the activity recaps have been completed, submitted, and approved. An event will show its status as Pending if any of its child activities' recaps have not been submitted and subsequently approved by an Event Manager, Program Manager, or Site Administrator. Once that process is complete, the event status will show as Completed. 

Note: The Event status is not determined by date.  

Key Takeaways: 

Events act as buckets for activities

As in the example shown above, an event can hold one or more activities.

Events do not have dates and times, they inherit these from their child activities

As mentioned above, events are defined by Campaign, Program, Region, Market and Place. They inherit their date range from their child Activities. This is because Activities are given a specific date and time. The event date range is determined by the first and last date assigned to an activity. If an event only has one activity or has been assigned multiple activities on the same day, it will take on that date. Consider an Event as the why and where while an Activity is the what and when. 

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