Dashboard (Full User)

The following user permissions are considered to be full users: Site Admin, Program Manager, and Event manager. 

Every user has their own Dashboard. After a user logs into the platform and selects a site, they will be directed to their dashboard. (Note: If a user is only assigned to one site, they will be automatically directed to that site's dashboard.)  

User's can navigate to their dashboard at anytime by selecting the Dashboard tab on the left of their screen. 


Each dashboard has three boards. Each board can contain an unlimited number of widgets. Users have the ability to configure each board to fit their individual needs. Users can select which board they would like to view. When users select the Add Widgets button on any board they will be prompted to make their selections. 


Select the add button to add a new widget to a specific dashboard. 




A user can change what is displayed on their dashboard through several filtering options. 

Date Range allows users to select from a number of pre-set date ranges or view a custom date range. The pre-set date ranges are Last 30 Days, Month to Date, Quarter to Date, Year to Date, Last Month, Last Quarter, Last Year, and All Time.  


To reveal the filter menu, select the Filters button.


Filters allow the user to filter widget results by Program, Region, Market, Event Type, and Activity Type. 


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