Site Creation

Creating a site 

Welcome to okapi! We are so excited to have you as a part of our herd. 

In this article, you'll learn how to create new sites within your okapi environment. When you log into okapi as an Agency Admin you enter your own Environment. You will find the list of all the sites that your organization oversees and manages.

To create a new site you can select the Add New button in the top right hand corner of the tab. 

Inside the Add New site tab you should by creating start a Site Name. The site name is displayed in the site list using the name determined here.

Next you need to assign a Site Identifier. The site identifier creates a URL specific to your site. The Site ID should be all lowercase letters with no symbols or spaces.  

During site creation you need to determine what edition of okapi this site should have access to. Check out the differences between Essentials, okapi 360, and Enterprise editions here

Finally you need to decide how many users should be allowed for each user type. 

Save the site but if any changes need to be made to the name, site ID, edition or user limits you can always edit after creation. 

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