General Overview: Programs

Programs in okapi are a way to categorize events. We understand that organizations may have two very different initiatives being applied in the field over the course of the same time period. In that case programs can be used to categorize the initiatives for reporting.  Organizations define programs based on their needs. Each site needs at least one program. In this article you'll learn how a program can be defined and where to view current program information. 

Events are assigned to existing programs during event creation. Here are some examples of how you might define a program. 

  • You may have two on-going initiatives taking place in the field, one consisting of a team only activating on college campuses and one team dedicated to a multi-city mobile tour. You could have the following programs: College Brand Ambassadors and Mobile Tour 
  • Your organization has multiple product lines that are never demoed or sampled at the same events, in this case you could have the following programs: Product Line 1, Product Line 2, and Product Line 3. 
  • You don't see a need to differentiate from program to program so you may choose to only create one program: Default

To view exciting programs, follow the steps below: 

1. Select All Programs from the site menu on the left

2. View programs by name, status, number of events and number of activities

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