General Overview: Question Bank

The question bank in okapi has the same functionality for recaps and surveys. Each question bank has a set of standard and custom questions. 

Standard questions were built into the platform for more than just connivence. When you use standard questions the data your collecting is consistent and uniform which gives the ability for data comparison. Benchmarking capabilities are in okapi's roadmap and using standard questions is laying the groundwork for your organization to have the ability to use those features as they roll out in the future. 

We know that not all of your programs are cookie cutter so standard questions may not always work for you. Custom questions are crucial to giving your team the freedom to collect data that's specific to your product, services, consumers or program. You have the ability to create a question and choose from the following field types: 

  • Date
  • Email
  • Select (Multiple Answer) 
  • Select (Single Answer) 
  • Select (Multi-Level) 
  • Number
  • Single Column Matrix
  • Text
  • Time
  • Yes/No

To navigate to the survey question bank, select Survey Questions from the site menu on the left: 

To navigate to the recap question bank, select Recap Questions from the site menu on the right: 

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